Customer service and quality are the two main aspects of a company. Le-Vanza Food and Herbals have surpassed all levels of quality for its range of products, the benefit of which is passed on to customers.

Le-Vanza Food and Herbals maintains its quality from the grass-root level. From procurance of extracted materials to updated technology and from regular operations to on-time delivery of formulations, everything works systematically.

Even the promotions are made in such a way that the product is accepted within the domestic market nationwide, the speedy penetration of which can guarantee higher returns.

We provide customers with a range of quality products that include skincare products, medicines, supplements and ointment. We adhere to the quality management system by conducting periodic self-assessment through a voluntary self-audit of its operations. This helps us to remain competitiveness in the pharmaceutical formulations industry.

Our quality policy stands committed to current smart producing practices. Our range of products adheres to an international standard that guarantees cost-effectiveness and quality that surpasses customer’s expectations.

Our quality management system is focused on customer satisfaction in the domestic and overseas markets. We keep updating with new technology for improvements and that gives us an edge over other pharma companies.

We work to integrate a high-quality implementation system and pay special heed to design and control.

Our experience lies in developing the products and markets from concept to fruition and further. Le-Vanza Food and Herbals guarantee complete quality and reliability that’ll satisfy the needs of consumers.

Our vision
Our vision is to promote our Herbal Medicines on an international level so that the benefits of Ayurveda can be accessed globally.
Our Strengths
Our team of highly qualified doctors and executives is always working on finding methods to upgrade our products.
Our Product
Our Products are specially formulated using Ayurvedic herbs and life-giving plant to bring lasting results.
Quality Assurance
At Le-vanza Food and Herbals, consumer satisfaction and quality are given the highest priority. We only make use of herbs and extracts.