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Kabzity Ayurvedic Constipation Powder

Kabzity Ayurvedic Constipation Powder

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  • Helps To Provide Relieves Constipation & Improves Digestion
  • Alleviates Gas, Hyperacidity & Bloating
  • Has High-Fibre Ingredients promoting Healthy Microbiome
  • Effective in Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Helps To Flushes out Bad Bacteria & Toxins


    • Senna
    • Saunf
    • Mulethi
    • Triphala
    • Ginger
    • Kala Namak
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    Non Habits Forming:

    How Kabzity Helps

    • FOR CONSTIPATION & INDIGESTION – Has a laxative effect and helps in the release of soft stools in chronic and acute constipation. Effective in Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Has High-Fibre Ingredients promoting Healthy Microbiome.
    • RELIEF FROM GAS & ACIDITY – Fights heartburn, hyperacidity and intestinal gas.
    • DETOX GUTS – Helps cleanse Intestine, flush out toxins and regularize healthy gut activity.
    • FEEL LIGHTER & EASIER – Gives a feeling of lightness and easiness by regulating bowel movements.
    • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Contains Scientifically Research, Ayurvedic Ingredients which are safe for consumption.
    • SUGAR-FREE FORMULA – Suitable for Diabetics and elders.
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    What are the common causes of constipation?

    Some common causes are unhealthy diet, drinking insufficient water, sedentary lifestyle, not eating enough fiber, certain medications, stress & depression.

    Arethere different types of constipation?

    There are two types of constipation: primary & secondary. Primary constipation occurs without any clear cause. Secondary constipation occurs as a result of lifestyle factors or an underlying illness.

    Whatis the consistency of a normal bowel movement?

    Normal poop is generally pain-free to pass, soft to firm in texture, medium to dark brown, and passed once or twice daily.

    How much fiber should I eat per day? How should I increase fiber in my diet?

    For women, 25gms of fiber daily is optimal while men require 30 to 38gms of fiber daily. When increasing the amount of fiber in the diet, it is advised to start slowly and then increase the amount gradually to allow the body to get used to

    How can I treat constipation naturally?

    You can make certain lifestyle changes such as drinking more water, adding more fruits & vegetables to your diet, exercising regularly, chewing your food properly etc.