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Ayurvedic Intimate Wash For Women 100 ml

Ayurvedic Intimate Wash For Women 100 ml

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    •  Maintains Vaginal pH Balance
    • Control Itching & Irritation
    • Helps Prevents dryness, odour, and infection
    • 100% natural safe and chemical free
    • Soothing and moisturizing properties



      • Alovera Extract
      • Neem Extract
      • Triphala extract
      • Lodhra Extract
      • Haldi Extract
      • Mulethi Extract
      • Wheatgerm Extract
      • Tea Tree Extract
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      Disturbed Intimate Health Signs

      How Intimate Wash Helps

      Intimate Wash for Women will keep away the dryness,recurrent infections,
      soreness or irritation, bad vaginal odor, excessive vaginal discharge, etc.

      • The liquid is made from all the natural herbs like neem, lodhra, mulethi, and tea tree oil.
      • All these will not only make your vagina healthy but will also give your intimate area a refreshing feel, maintain optimum PH balance and hydration, keep the intimate area free from infections and harmful bacteria,and gives relief from itching discomfort, and foul odor, and nurtures good vaginal microflora.
      • If you are suffering from any vaginal infection or disease,This product is available with 100% natural quality at a very affordable price.
      • It is very easy to use.
      • best intimate wash
      • hygiene intimate wash
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      What is an Intimate Wash?

      The Intimate area is Sensitive and requires Special Attention. Menstrual blood, Dead Cells, Sweat, etc., often accumulates around it making it prone to Infections if proper care isn’t observed.

      Poor Dietary Habits, Menopause, Tight Clothes or using Normal Soaps/Washes can disturb the Natural pH Levels & Flora maintained by the Vagina, which could lead to discomfort, excessive discharges, bad odor & huge risks of infections.

      pH Levels of Intimate Regions are lower than that of other parts. To maintain its Hygiene & Appropriate pH levels, a Vaginal wash free from Harsh Chemicals & suitable for all skin types is a lifestyle essential.

      Le-vanza’s Intimate Wash for Women is made from Natural Extracts that are proven to have anti-bacterial effects, fight infections & improve Intimate hygiene. It contains no Harsh Chemicals & has No known Side-Effects.

      Is it safe for use during pregnancy?

      Yes, this natural Hygiene Wash can be used during Pregnancy. Just make sure that you’re applying it on the outer layer (Vulva) only and not on the inner layers. The vagina has sufficient good bacteria in the inner layer to carry out its cleaning. AVaginal Wash should only be used on the outer layer

      Is it Menstrual Cycle Friendly? Can it be used during Periods?

      Yes, our wash can be used during Periods.

      Can it be used every day?

      Yes, it is recommended and safe for everyday use.

      How many days will one bottle last, if used daily?

      One 100ml Bottle will last for about 20-30 days when used 1-2 times a day.

      Is it gentle on the skin?

      Yes, Le-vanza’s Intimate Wash for Women’s Hygiene is gentle for all skin types. However, we recommend a patch test for first-time use by taking a little quantity. Do not apply over cuts or burns. If irritation occurs, avoid use and consult a Doctor.

      Does it need to be rinsed off with water?

      Yes, clean the private area with water and pat it dry with a towel.

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