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Tar Clean (Lungs Detox)

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Packing: 225ml

For Lungs Detoxification & Promoting Respiratory Function

  •  Offers Lungs Protection from Damage by Harmful Chemicals in Cigarette Smoke & Air Pollution
  • Helps Restore & Revitalize Health of Damaged Lungs Cells
  •  Acts as a Decongestant, Increases Lungs Capacity & Promotes Easy Breathing
  •  Provides Relief from Cough, Wheezing, Breathlessness, Fatigue

Beneficial for Smokers, Passive Smoker, Low Air quality Area Population, People with Breathing & Respiratory troubles

Dosage: 60 Days

  • Children: ½-1 Teaspoon twice or thrice daily
  • Adults: 1 ½ – 2 Teaspoon twice or thrice daily


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Did you know?

Tobacco Smoke has over 7000 harmful chemicals!    When you smoke a cigarette, you may feel relieved. Your Lungs, not so much! Toxins like Tar accumulate and block the air passages (Bronchioles) & Alveoli, where oxygen is transferred to the blood.

This hinders the supply of oxygen to blood & further to other parts of the body, depriving them of much needed energy. As a result, one feels easily Exhausted, Fatigued & Extremely Anxious.

Something similar happens when you breathe in polluted air, thanks to the presence of chemicals & toxins expelled by Vehicles & Industries.

With smoking habits prevailing & Air Quality Index sinking to new lows every day, you are intentionally or unintentionally welcoming dangerous & life-threatening problems to your life. Your lungs need optimum support to fight the poisonous pollutants, chemicals and keep pumping sufficient oxygen to all parts of the body.

Tar Clean is a Scientifically Researched Formulation that offers the best detoxification against these harmful toxins. It was formulated after years of meticulous Research & Development was carried out by our highly competent team of Ayurvedic Experts. It is prepared using Ancient Ayurvedic Methodology that facilitates in extracting the maximum potency of all its ingredients.

Tar Clean is devised to fundamentally tackle all types of Respiratory Problems. The Clinically Proven Herbs used in Tar Clean not only help in expelling out harmful toxins settled in your lungs, but also boost Lungs Capacity, Lungs Immunity & possess Rejuvenating properties.

Balance the Bad with the Good with Tar Clean – Lungs Detox Syrup

Who can use Tar Clean?

Tar Clean is the best Supplement for Smokers, Second-hand Smokers, People Living in Low Air quality Areas, People with breathing troubles, People involved in Aerobic Activities like Sports, Gymming, etc. & General Public for attaining optimum lungs health.

Common Symptoms of Lungs Problems:

  • Chest Congestion or Pain
  • Excessive or Smoker’s Cough
  • Breathlessness
  • Wheezing (Noisy Breathing Sound)
  • Easily Fatigued

Action of Tar Clean:

  • Protective: Its ingredients possess strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-carcinogenic (Cancer Fighting) & anti-fungal properties, boosting the immunity of the respiratory tract
  • Healing: It contains herbs that show anti-inflammatory & rejuvenating action on cells, increasing Body Endurance & Strength
  • Decongestant: It helps in reducing inflammation of the throat & respiratory tract, thereby making Oxygen flow, breathing & blood circulation easier
  • Mucolytic: It helps in breaking down the mucous (sticky material) that blocks air passages & alveoli and loosening the sputum
  • Expectorant: It helps in expelling out the broken down mucous & loose sputum
  • Combats Free Radical Damage caused by harmful chemicals in Cigarette Smoke & Air Pollution
  • Useful against Smoker’s Cough, Wheezing, Chest Congestion, Breathlessness
  • Beneficial for Common Respiratory Problems & Infections like Asthma, Bronchitis, Chronic Cough, etc.

Dosage 60 days

  • Children: ½-1 Teaspoon twice or thrice daily
  • Adults: 1 ½ – 2 Teaspoon twice or thrice daily

Course – Minimum 30 days, 3 Bottles

Video of Doctor Explaining Lungs Detox

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2 reviews for Tar Clean (Lungs Detox)

  1. Satish kumar (verified owner)

    its really very useful products, thanks

  2. Rahul Dahiya

    I used to feel breathless and little chest pain after some exercise due to my smoking habit. I found this link and ordered 2 bottles of this syrup one month ago to experiment if it helps. So far, I think it is working bcz I feel lighter in the chest and breathing problem is becoming rare now. Thanks, good product…

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