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Packing: – 45 Capsules

Benefits of Piler

  • Helpful in the Management of all types of Piles
  • Reduces Inflammation & Relaxes Swollen Veins & Tissues
  • Aids in Constricting Blood Capillaries, leading to Shrinkage of Pile Mass
  • Strong Laxative that Eases passing of Stools
  • Mitigates Pain & Bleeding due to Haemorrhoids
  • Provides Relief from uncomfortable Itching Sensation
  • Useful for stimulating Digestion
  • Decreases Intra-abdominal Pressure, a leading cause of Piles


  • 10 Days
  • 1-2 Capsules Twice Daily After Meal with Plain Buttermilk.



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How Piler helps


Relaxes Swollen Veins & Tissues


Constricts Blood Capillaries, which Shrinks Pile Mass




Strong Laxative that Eases Stool Passing


Mitigates Pain & Bleeding


Relieves uncomfortable Itching Sensation


Useful for stimulating Digestion

Why Piler?


Ayurveda & Healthcare in Blood

Our expertise comes from our Experience of 50+ Years in Healthcare, 30+ Years in Ayurveda, 20+Years in Pharma Manufacturing, which combines to ensure the Best Quality Products &  Exceptional Health are delivered to you.


Scientifically Researched Formula

This formula has been researched and formulated by our Ayurvedic Experts & R&D team under the guidance of Doctors. It is also approved by the Department of Ayurveda, Punjab.


Quick Results

We use the best grades of Natural Extracts proven for more efficiency, procured from the Best Verified Vendors. Our Innovative Preparation methods maximize the potency of these ingredients. Both of them combine to deliver quicker results.

Supernatural Ingredients

Ceylon LeadwortCeylon Leadwort improves digestion, reduces inflammation & provides relief from Diarrhoea & Piles

Shudh GandhakShudh Gandhak reduces Itching, alleviates pain & helps in treating Anal Fissures

LajjaluLajjalu has been traditionally used for Haemorrhoids for its anti-bacterial & wound healing properties.

Shudh RasontShudh Rasont mitigates pain, reduces swelling & eases constipation

How to Use


1-2 Capsules Twice Daily After Meal with Plain Buttermilk


10 Days


Piles or Haemorrhoids are inflamed tissues (Blood Vessels, Muscles, Support Tissues, etc.) in the Rectum (Internal) or around the Anus (External). Constant Pressure on the abdominal area caused by Prolonged Constipation, Chronic Diarrhoea, Pregnancy, Obesity, Long-Term Sitting on Hard Surfaces, Lifting Heavy Weights and Excessive Straining while clearing Bowels is the root cause of Haemorrhoids. Piles, also called Bawaseer, can make anyone feel uneasy. It is an uncomfortable problem to encounter & discuss with others. Rectal Pain, Itching, Pricking, Bleeding & Prolapsing are what make it so unbearable.

But there is no reason to let a problem like Piles change the course of one’s Life. It can be cured effectively with Lifestyle Changes, Over-The-Counter (OTC) Medicines & in major cases, through Surgery or Treatment.

With Piler Ayurvedic Capsules, you can opt for a Natural way to manage both Internal & External Piles & avert future Recurrences. In Piler, 14 Potent Herbs combine Synergistically to Regulate Bowel Evacuation & Provide Relief from Constipation, the major cause of Haemorrhoids. These Capsules have a relaxing and anti-inflammatory effect on the Swollen Tissues, Muscles and Veins. Clinical Trials conducted on the ingredients indicate their efficacy to Promote Long-Term Healing of Haemorrhoids, Reducing the uncomfortable Pain, Itching & Bleeding and preventing its Reappearance. There are no known Side Effects of Piler Capsules.

These Capsules are helpful in both types of Piles

Yes, it is effective and can be used in Chronic Fissure cases and Fistula cases

Yes, food which is heavy to digest like curd (but lassi/chaaj can be consumed, rather its good to consume), fried and spicy food should be avoided.

It is recommended to consult a Doctor before using it during Pregnancy

Yes, it contains Shudh Rasont that is useful in giving relief from Constipation and stimulates easy passing of Stools

Yes, this formulation has been approved by the Department of Ayurveda, Punjab.

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