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PathHar ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone removal

Path-Har (Kidney Stone Kit)

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tar-clean-iconsPacking: – 200ml + 18 Capsules

Benefits of Path-Har

  • Increases urine outflow thus diluting urine for dissolution of crystals.
  • Useful in fighting bacterial infections in Urine Tract, reducing incidence of recurrent Urine Infection.
  • Lowers inflammation and normalizes Pain-inducing markers
  • Combats sticking of crystals together (Aggregation).




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Kidney Stone Removal Ayurvedic Medicine


kidney stone removal ayurvedic medicine

Kidney Stones can Cause

Acute Pain in Side/Back/Groin/Lower Abdomen

Acute Pain in Side/Back/Groin/Lower Abdomen



Painful & Decreased Urination

Painful & Decreased Urination

Fever & Chills

Fever & Chills

Blood in Urine

Blood in Urine

Chronic Kidney Problem & Failure

Chronic Kidney Problem & Failure

How Path-Har Helps

Combats Crystals Sticking (Stone Formation)

Combats Crystals Sticking (Stone Formation)

Dilutes urine for break up of crystals

Dilutes urine for break up of crystals

Increases urine outflow to pass Stones

Increases urine outflow to pass Stones

Lowers inflammation

Lowers inflammation

Normalizes Pain-inducing markers

Normalizes Pain-inducing markers

Useful in fighting bacterial infections in Urine Tract

Useful in fighting bacterial infections in Urine Tract

Supernatural Ingredients

Varun ChhalVarun Chhal prevents Crystallization of Urinary Stones & increases Urinary output

ApamargApamarg decreases the size of Calcium Oxalate crystals & Normalizes levels of Injury markers (Pain)

Choti ElaichiChoti Elaichi induces secretion of particles from Kidney & reduces crystallization of Calcium Oxalate

Senda NamakSendha Namak increases Urine output & decreases chances of Struvite & Calcium Oxalate stones

Why Path-Har?


Ayurveda & Healthcare in Blood

Our expertise comes from our Experience of 50+ Years in Healthcare, 30+ Years in Ayurveda, 20+Years in Pharma Manufacturing, which combines to ensure the Best Quality Products & Exceptional Health are delivered to you.


Scientifically Researched Formula

This formula has been researched by our Ayurvedic Experts & R&D team. It is also approved by the Department of Ayurveda, Punjab.


Quick Results

We use the best grades of Natural Extracts proven for more efficiency, procured from the Best Verified Vendors. Our Innovative Preparation methods maximize the potency of these ingredients. Both of them combine to deliver quicker results.

How To Use

2 Teaspoons (10ml) 2-3 times a day

2 Teaspoons (10ml) 2-3 times a day

kidney stone medicine

2 Capsules on an empty stomach in the morning with lime or coconut water.

ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone

Each Combo Kit is a course of 9 days, which will be repeated depending on the size of the stone.


Stones are nothing but crystals that have grown and formed a cluster. They may be small in size, but inflict enormous pain. Kidney Stones & Urinary Stones pains are so acute they make you scream for a cure! They could form as a result of Dehydration, High Sodium, High Protein, High Calcium (from unnatural sources like Antacids) & High Oxalate diet, and Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections.

Surely, anyone who has a Stone problem searches for a Remedy for Kidney Stone to get it out as early and as painlessly as possible. Treatment through Medical procedures cost a fortune! But Don’t worry, Path-Har is an ideal and affordable Ayurvedic Kidney Care Combo Pack for easily managing Stone Pain & helps in breaking down & driving out the Renal Stones. Path-Har is made from Researched Natural Ingredients that are scientifically proven to increase the flow of Urine and make dissolution of Stones easier.

Yes, not only does it take care of the Kidneys but it is also useful in Urinary Tract Infections due to its anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties.

It is helpful in dissolving Calcium Stones, Uric Acid Stones, Struvite Stones, Cystine Stones which are present in Kidney or Urinary Tract

Each Combo is a dosage for 9 days. Pack of 2 for 18 days. Pack of 3 for 27 days. Results vary from person to person and depend on the size & type of stone. We recommend using a Pack of 3 Kits and then get tested. Send us the reports for further observation and action.

Yes, this formulation has been approved by the Department of Ayurveda, Punjab

It has a Litholytic & Diuretic action. Litholytic means it acts as an agent that helps in dissolving Kidney Stones by breaking them down and preventing crystals from sticking together. Diuretic means that it increase the flow of urine in order to pass out the broken down crystals.

Yes, it is beneficial for Uric Acid Problems.

No, it is an Ayurvedic Formulation that can be used without a Doctor’s Prescription. However, one should go for regular tests to keep track of their progress.

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions15 × 15 × 15 cm

Pack of 2 (15% OFF), Pack of 3 (20% OFF)

7 reviews for Path-Har (Kidney Stone Kit)

  1. Akankshi bhardwaj

    Maine pathahar syr use kiya or kafi acha result mila ,phale kafi pet me dard hua or mai kafi jagha dikhya per koi resultnahi mila but mere eak friend ne batya ki aap pathhar syr use kro aapko kafi fayeda hoga aaj mai bilkul thik hu ,best ayurvedic stone medicine,

  2. Gitesh Bhayana

    Mera 5 mm Ka kidney stone 3 kit Lene se Nikal Gaya. This is the best medicine for Kidney stone

  3. Asmi

    Worked like magic on my kidney stone

  4. Sapan arora

    Pathri ki problem khatam krdi.. Thanku levanza

  5. Tarun

    Awsome result!

  6. #

    Best view i have ever seen !

  7. Sourav

    Muje 12mm ki pathri thi or pathar syrup ke 1.5 month ke course ne muje stone se ajadi dilwai
    Thank you levanza

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