Ayurvedic Stamina Booster Oil for Men | Nawaab Power Booster Oil
Nawaab Oil

Nawaab Oil (Ayurvedic Stamina Booster)

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Packing:-  50ml Oil


  • Lubricate & Simulate
  • Experience Smoothness & Longevity
  • Avoid Discomfort & Frictions
  • Arouse & Engage your Senses
  • Bring back the Excitement
  • Improved Blood Flow



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Best Lubrication & Performance Oil Spray for Men

Are you having..

Painful Frictions?

Painful Frictions

Rough & Uncomfortable Sex?

Rough & Uncomfortable Sex?

Light Erections?

Light Erections?

An Uneventful & Boring Sex Life?

An Uneventful & Boring Sex Life?

Quick Timing?

Quick Timing?

ayurvedic stamina booster

How Nawaab Oil Helps

stamina booster

Gives a Smoother & Comfortable Experience

stamina booster oil

Prevents unwanted Frictions

stamina booster for men

Promotes Longevity & Excitement

ayurvedic stamina booster

Improves Blood Circulation

Strong Sensual Effects

Strong Sensual Effects

Also useful in Body Massages

Also useful in Body Massages

Supernatural Ingredients

AshwagnadhaAshwagandha – Lowers Stress & Fatigue, Instils Stamina, Increases Blood Circulation & Sexual Drive

Shatavari-1Shatavari – Helps Prolong Erections & Promotes Sexual Arousal

Kaunch-Beej-1Kaunch Beej – Enhances Sexual Power, Improves quality &  quantity of Semen & delays Ejaculation time

Akarkara – Stimulates Testosterone Secretions, Improves Blood Flow & Helps maintain ErectionsAkarkara – Stimulates Testosterone Secretions, Improves Blood Flow & Helps maintain Erections

Why Nawaab Oil?


Ayurveda & Healthcare in Blood

Our expertise comes from our Experience of 50+ Years in Healthcare, 30+ Years in Ayurveda, 20+Years in Pharma Manufacturing, which combines to ensure the Best Quality Products & Exceptional Health are delivered to you.


Scientifically Researched Formula

This formula has been researched by our Ayurvedic Experts & R&D team. It is also approved by the Department of Ayurveda, Punjab.


Quick Results

We use the best grades of Natural Extracts proven for more efficiency, procured from the Best Verified Vendors. Our Innovative Preparation methods maximize the potency of these ingredients. Both of them combine to deliver quicker results.

How to use?

ayurvedic stamina booster

Spray the oil 4-5 times on your genital and gently massage for 1 minute

30 Minutes

Wash with soap & water and pat it dry with a cloth after use

stamina booster

For Best Results, use with Nawaab Capsules


It is common to experience dryness during Sex. Sometimes, your or your partner’s body may not produce enough natural moisture for a smooth, loving experience. This leads to discomfort which ruins the special moments for you. With Nawaab Oil, we have an easy-to-use spray that you can use to simulate your senses and lubricate the genitals for a smoother & friction less experience. You can double the fun by using it as a massage oil, unleash the Nawaab in you & impress your partner.

No, it has no known Side-effects. It is free from Harsh Chemicals & preservatives and only contains Natural ingredients. It doesn’t cause burning or irritation but we recommend a patch test before use. If you face any discomfort, please stop use immediately and report the issue.

Yes, the ingredients of the oil help in improving Blood Flow to the muscles, prolong timing and promote stamina.

You can spray 4-5 times or more depending on area size & preference. It remains smooth for a good 12-15 minutes on 1 time use.

Yes, it can be used for a Body Massage. It improves Blood Circulation and has stress- relieving properties. You can also use it for a sensual massage for some excitement.

1 bottle can typically be used for 20-25 times when applied 4-5 sprays at a time.

Yes, This formulation has been approved by the Department of Ayurveda, Punjab.

Yes, Each Batch gets tested for Heavy Metals by a third-party Laboratory. It is free from Heavy Metals, Harsh Chemicals & Preservatives. 100% Natural Product.

No, it is an Ayurvedic Formulation that can be used without a Doctor’s Prescription. The development of this formulation has been under direct technical guidance from Doctor’s.

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Pack of 1 (30% OFF), Pack of 2 (35% OFF), Pack of 3 (40% OFF)

2 reviews for Nawaab Oil (Ayurvedic Stamina Booster)

  1. Rohit Verma

    Nice result. Very enjoyable

  2. Ashok

    Very good result

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