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Bregma (Best Brain Tonic)


Packing: – 225ML

To Support Brain Health & Enhance Mood

  • Promotes Concentration, Alertness, Intelligence
  • Helpful in improving Memory, Learning Abilities
  • Has Neuroprotective activity & Improves Blood Circulation & Oxygen Supply
  • Useful in tackling Anxiety, sleep disorders & inducing Calmness, Awareness

Beneficial for People with Learning Problems, Attention Deficiency, Anxiety, Confusion, Poor Memory, Disturbed Sleeping Cycle

Dosage: 60 Days

  • Adults – 2 Teaspoons, 2-3 Times a day. Children – 1 Teaspoon, 2-3 Times a day.





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In today’s world of technological gadgets, our focus switches with each swipe. We are inundated with information, and our minds are unable to absorb and distinguish between what we should keep and what we should dismiss.

This never-ending flood of information, along with our poor eating habits and poor diet, shortens our attention spans, impairs our capacity to retain and focus, causes mental exhaustion, causes headaches, melancholy, insomnia, and anxiety problems, and impairs our memory. Adults’ mental health and function are also impacted by factors such as age, stress, and disrupted sleep cycles. All of these factors add up to have a fatalistic influence on a child’s, student’s, or working individual’s mental health and learning capacity.

Bregma Syrup is an Ayurvedic Recipe supported by research that contains Herbs scientifically shown to enhance Awareness, Alertness, Mental Health, and Mood by boosting the flow of Oxygen and Blood Circulation in the Brain and Nervous System. Its Nervous System soothing properties aid in the stabilization of Neuron Chemicals and the improvement of Body Reflexes. It contains no toxic metals and has no known side effects, making it suitable for human consumption. It has a delicious taste that makes it ideal for consumption by children and students. People suffering from stress-related issues, difficulty focusing, and mood imbalances can all benefit from the advantages of Bregma Brain Tonic.

It is made from all the natural herbs like Malkangni is useful for boosting, intellect, sharpening memory, and possesses anti-stress activities, Jatamansi is a neuroprotective agent that shows antidepressant activity, Shankhpushpi stimulates the nervous system and reduces mental tension, and Bhrami helps to enhance memory performance and cognitive functions. You will find this syrup a perfect rescue from your mental and physical misery without facing any side effects.

Did you know?

The average millennial picks up the smartphone 150 times a day.

Brain Health Ayurvedic Medicine | Best Brain Tonic

Brain Health Ayurvedic Medicine – In today’s world of Tech Gadgets, our attention shifts with every swipe. We are so flooded with information that our mind cannot process and discern between what to retain & what to discard.

This eternal avalanche of information, coupled with our Poor Eating Habits & Sedentary Lifestyle, makes our attention spans shorter, impacts our ability to concentrate & focus, produces mental fatigue, gives rise to Headaches, depression, insomnia & anxiety disorders, and degrades our memory.

Factors like Old age, Stress and Irregular Sleep Cycles also inflame cognitive health & function in Adults. All such aspects compound heavily and produce a fatalistic effect on mental health & the learning capabilities of a child, student or working individual.

This is backed by intensive research which suggests,

  • The constant use of technology has shortened our attention span from 12 seconds to 5 seconds in 2 decades.
  • About 23% of adults have trouble sleeping due to stress and anxiety.

To support & nourish the organ that controls our body, we present Bregma!

Bregma Syrup is an Ayurvedic Formulation backed by Research, containing Herbs clinically proven to promote Awareness, Alertness, Cognitive Health, Mood by improving flow of Oxygen & Blood Circulation in the Brain & Nervous System. Its Nervous System nurturing properties help in stabilizing Neuron Chemicals and improving Reflexes of the Body. It is free from Heavy Metals and has no known Side Effects, making it Safe for Consumption.

It has an exquisite taste that makes it favourable for drinking by Children & Students. People facing Stress-Related problems, Difficulty in Focusing and Imbalanced Mood can all benefits with the goodness of Bregma Brain Tonic.

Use Bregma Syrup and Enrich your Brain with the Fuel it needs. A Healthy Brain means a Happier, Healthier Life.

Benefits of Bregma

  • Stimulates Flow of Blood & Transport of Oxygen to boost Cognitive Health & Intellect
  • Helps in Balancing Hormone Releases, Regulating Good Mood and Spirit
  • Useful in reducing Anxiety, Mental Fatigue & Tension
  • Promotes longer Concentration Cycles and sharpness
  • Boosts Alertness and Awareness
  • Assists in Regulating Neuron Chemicals to enhance Reflex Actions
  • Shows a Neuroprotective Action & Promotes Well-Being
bregma brain tonic benefits

Dosage: 60 Days

  • Adults – 2 Teaspoons, 2-3 Times a day.
  • Children – 1 Teaspoon, 3 Times a day.

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