At The Helm Of Le-Vanza, We Have Leaders Who Have Risen From The Grass-Root Levels. They Have Witnessed The Hope With Which One Buys A Medicine And The Trust With Which A Doctor Or Medical Practitioner Prescribes A Medicine. Keeping Both These Instances In Mind At All Stages, Beginning From The Procurement Of Herbs To The Delivery Of Finished Products, We Push Towards Delivering Promising Quality In Everything We Manufacture.

Procurement of Raw Material & Packing Material

The First Step To Quality Is Procuring The Right Raw Material, In Our Case, Herbs, Which Should Be Non-GMO & Pesticide Free. Every Family Of Herbs Used In Ayurvedic Medicines Has Distinct Characteristics That Exhibit Different Potencies Depending On The Weather Conditions And The Soil They’re Grown In, The Method Of Reaping, Their Storage Conditions, Etc. Our Research & Development Team Works Diligently With The Purchase Department To Identify Suppliers Which Have Optimum Conditions For Growing & Harvesting Herbs And Conducts Inspections Before Finalising Vendors. We Procure Herbs Only After We Receive A Certificate Of Analysis From The Supplier.

Packing Material Also Plays A Pivotal Role In Maintaining Quality As It Becomes The Residence Of The Medicine Till It Is Consumed. We Ensure That The Packing Material Is Of Superior Quality So As To Preserve The Products For Its Entire Shelf Life. We Lay Equal Emphasis On The Look And Feel Of Our Products. We Wish To Change The Perception That Ayurvedic Products Are Only For Mitigating Diseases And Instead Show That Our Herbal Products Are A Means To Healthier, Happier And Stable Life Through Our Packaging Design.

After Receiving The Raw Materials & Packing Materials, They Undergo Stringent Quality Checks In Our Modern Testing Lab As Well As In Third-Party Labs To Verify That The Quality Matches With Our Expectations.

Preparation Methods & Validation

Our Organization Complies With GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) To Warrant Quality At All Costs. Our Highly Qualified Team Of Manufacturing Chemists Has Over 20+ Years Of Expertise In The Manufacturing Of Ayurvedic Medicines. They Are Well-Versed With The Preparation Techniques To Extract The Most Out Of Each Herb. Our Research & Development Department Works Meticulously With The Production Department On Minute Details Of The Preparation Methods, Which Are Validated By Our Team Of Quality Assurance With A Series Of Checks At Every Manufacturing & Packing Stage. These Methods Of Preparation Have Become The Pillars Of Our Success. When Ancient Methods & Modern Technology Join Hands, The Result Is Supreme Quality At A Moderate Price.

Finished Goods

Before releasing the finished product in the market, our Quality Control team conducts heavy metal tests & tests via our advanced HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) machine. To validate the results, we also get our products tested by an approved external lab. Our job is not finished after the release of Finished Goods as we conduct stability tests on the released products at frequent intervals to ensure that there has been no degradation in quality over their shelf life.