Dedicated, Experienced and Focused

Le-Vanza Food And Herbals Is A Women-Led Organisation With Manisha Arora At Its Core, As The Proprietor Of Firm And More Than 70% Of Its Workforce Being Female Dominant. The Core Values Of Our Company Are Exhibiting Courage, Constantly Improving, Presenting Opportunity, Moulding Leaders & Delivering Quality.

Our Proprietor, Manisha Arora, Is A BAMS Graduate And Heads Research & Development. She Started Her Journey In Ayurveda Over 25 Years Ago. She’s Inquisitive And Believes In Constant Learning, Which Is Why Our Research & Development Team Semi-Annually Attends Courses On Ayurveda & Herbal Formulations In Kerala, The Hub Of Ayurveda In India, To Keep Up To Date With New Methodologies And The Intricacies Of Herbs. Prior To 2017, 5 Years Of Education & Research Done By Manisha Arora In Herbal Formulations Culminated In The Inception Of Le-Vanza Food & Herbals.

Another Integral Part Of Our Organization Is Dr. Krishan Dev Arora, Who Is The Founder & Managing Director Of Our Sister Companies (Instant Remedies Pvt. Ltd., Le-Vanza Pharma Pvt. Ltd. & Mcclary Biotech Pvt. Ltd.). Dr. K.D. Arora Is Also A BAMS Graduate And Has 30+ Years Of Experience In Pharmaceuticals. He Looks Over The Company’s Operations And Infuses His Experience And Enthusiasm Into The Company For Business Development. He Had Joined The Pharmaceutical Sector In 1990 With Torque Pharmaceuticals Where He Learned His Trade And Worked Conscientiously To Cement Torque’s Name As A Reputable Brand In Punjab. After Which He Went On To Establish Three Companies With Over 800 Brands And A Network Of 600+ Distributors And Suppliers.

In The Role Of Advisor, We Have Shree Harish Chander Arora, Who Enriches The Company With An Astounding Experience & Wisdom Of 55+ Years In The Healthcare Sector. In 1965, He Began Working As A Medical Practitioner For The Army Of India. His Interests In Health And Wellness Lead Him To Further Pursue The Trade Of Medicines. He Started Working Under Distributors To Learn The Tools Of The Trade. In 1971, He Founded His Own Company For Distribution And Supply Of Medicines. He’s An Active Member Of Our Sister Companies And A Guiding Force For Le-Vanza Food & Herbals.

At Le-Vanza, Our Focus Is To Mould Our Team Of 20+ Into Leaders That Have The Courage To Take On Challenges, Defy Status Quo, Unify Efforts And Deliver Above Expectations.

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Our vision

Our vision is to promote our Herbal Medicines on an international level so that the benefits of Ayurveda can be accessed globally.

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Our Strengths

Our team of highly qualified doctors and executives is always working on finding methods to upgrade our products.

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Our Product

Our Products are specially formulated using Ayurvedic herbs and life-giving plant to bring lasting results.

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Quality Assurance

At Le-vanza Food and Herbals, consumer satisfaction and quality are given the highest priority. We only make use of herbs and extracts.