How Tar Clean Helps

  • SCIENTIFICALLY RESEARCHED AYURVEDIC FORMULA – This lungs detox syrup for smokers is developed for providing relief to lungs against damage caused by toxins present in polluted air and cigarette smoke.
  • BREAKS DOWN & EXPELS MUCOUS – It thins the mucous lining and helps in expulsion of mucous through coughing
  • REDUCES WHEEZING & INFLAMMATION IN LUNGS – It contains anti-inflammatory & anti-allergic herbs that relax air passages
  • RELIEVES COUGH, CHEST CONGESTION & PAIN – This lungs medicine is useful in providing instant relief from congestion or pain in chest and gives a soothing effect to our lungs
  • SUPPORTS LUNG FUNCTION & IMPROVES BREATHING – This lung cleaner syrup also helps in improving our lungs capacity & volume and makes breathing easier