How Kabzity Helps

  • FOR CONSTIPATION & INDIGESTION – Has a laxative effect and helps in the release of soft stools in chronic and acute constipation. Effective in Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Has High-Fibre Ingredients promoting Healthy Microbiome.
  • RELIEF FROM GAS & ACIDITY – Fights heartburn, hyperacidity and intestinal gas.
  • DETOX GUTS – Helps cleanse Intestine, flush out toxins and regularize healthy gut activity.
  • FEEL LIGHTER & EASIER – Gives a feeling of lightness and easiness by regulating bowel movements.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Contains Scientifically Research, Ayurvedic Ingredients which are safe for consumption.
  • SUGAR-FREE FORMULA – Suitable for Diabetics and elders.