We commit to the idea and belief that all people should lead a healthy life. It drives us to work for consumers curating Ayurvedic supplements and herbs that are cost-effective and safe.

Our commitment and promise to customers remain supreme, as we are a consumer-orientated healthcare company. We drive hard to achieve excellence in health care and Ayurveda that’ll make a difference in the lives of people.

We are committed to:

To consumers: 

We’ll deliver them with the best health supplements and products that are safe, effective and affordable.

To healthcare professionals:

We’ll adhere to updated technology in the field of Ayurveda and medicine that is globally benchmarked.

To marketing:

We’ll do our best to create the right kind of impression and awareness regarding our products and general healthcare.

To the global community:

We’ll stand by the global community to fight challenges that are faced by the healthcare sector and promote healthy living.

To government:

We’ll adhere to all the policies and rules laid by the Government to work for the welfare and general health of people.

To business partners:

We’ll do our best to seek long term growth and will help you grow with an association that emphasizes innovation.

To process:

We’ll keep a close eye on the monitoring process and results and shall strive to improve at every step.

To support:

We’ll be accessible to give continuous support if any problem arises.

Our vision
Our vision is to promote our Herbal Medicines on an international level so that the benefits of Ayurveda can be accessed globally.
Our Strengths
Our team of highly qualified doctors and executives is always working on finding methods to upgrade our products.
Our Product
Our Products are specially formulated using Ayurvedic herbs and life-giving plant to bring lasting results.
Quality Assurance
At Le-vanza Food and Herbals, consumer satisfaction and quality are given the highest priority. We only make use of herbs and extracts.