Technology has become a major part of our lives. We are constantly connected and available on social media networks. Our use of technology can have both positive & negative effects. Overuse of technology can lead to cognitive disorders and other mental health issues.

Constant pings, alerts, and notifications on our phones can lead to difficulties with paying attention. It can affect a person’s academic, professional & personal life. A person having difficulty with paying attention makes careless mistakes, leaves tasks incomplete, and forgets activities and appointments.

 Constant use of technology can hyperstimulate our brains. We become less responsive to other enjoyable experiences such as reading a book, eating a meal, or spending time with loved ones due to this overstimulation.

Technology overuse affects our memory and ability to retain information. We are remembering less as all the information is easily available online. We no longer feel the need to memorize a phone number or important meetings & dates etc. as all the information is stored on our smartphones.

Technology use also affects our sleep cycle. Using your devices at bedtime can interfere with your sleep. The blue light emitted from these devices may disrupt your natural sleep cycle. Reduced sleep increases the risk of anxiety & depression and can lower overall brain activity.

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