Smoking is one of the biggest dangers for our lungs. Several factors may compromise lung function, smoking remains one of the most dangerous. Smoking damages our lungs, making it difficult to breath and puts our lungs at risk of many medical conditions.

Cigarette smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals, like nicotine, carbon monoxide & tars. These chemicals can increase the risk of lung cancer.

Smoking causes significant damage to our lungs. Some changes are sudden, lasting just a short time such as colds and pneumonia. More chronic changes happen slowly and can stay life long.

The effects of smoking on respiratory system include:

  1. Irritation of the trachea & larynx
  2. Reduced lung function & breathlessness due to swelling & narrowing of the lung airways
  3. Excess mucus in lung passages
  4. Impairment of the lung clearance system leading to lung irritation & damage
  5. Increased risk of lung infection & symptoms such as coughing & wheezing
  6. Permanent damage to the lungs

A Smoker's lungs are different in appearance than a non smokers lungs

 Your overall health improves once you quit smoking. The risk of lung cancer drops drastically in the years after quitting. after quitting, the carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal in 12 hours, which allows more oxygen to circulate to your organs.


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