How to Combat Pain Due To Kidney Stones

How to Combat Pain Due To Kidney Stones

 Dealing with kidney stones can be difficult. They disrupt your focus and hamper your daily activities. Moreover, if the stones are massive they can cause unbearable pain in certain areas such as your lower back. Sometimes the pain can cause so much discomfort that it pops up all of a sudden. Thus you may have to resort to the last option of taking medicine for stone relief.

This article covers details about the underlying causes of kidney stones and recommendations about natural remedies to reduce the pain.

Reason Behind Pain In The Kidney Stones

Kidney stones occur due to excessive mineral accumulation in the urinary tract and the renal system. You will not be able to experience any symptoms until the stones start to move within your kidneys. If these stones develop in the urinary tract then they can also block the urinary passage. Thus it will restrict the urine flow. Thus if the prevailing symptoms are not treated timely by using a kidney stone medicine then it may cause severe ailments such as kidney failure.

Natural Ways To Alleviate Kidney Stone Pain

If you have been experiencing pain in the abdomen then try these natural ways to get instant relief. However, if the pain still does not go away it is best to see a medical expert/urologist.

Hydrate Your Body

Drinking plenty of fluids and detox teas is the first step towards getting relief from pain due to stones. Drinking water helps to detoxify the body and eliminate infections and bacteria from the system. It also helps to break down these stones so that they can flush out of the body. Instead of drinking canned/sugary drinks try coconut water to quench your thirst.

Include Probiotics In Your Health Routine

Probiotics are very beneficial against renal infections which occur in the urinary tract. It increases healthy bacteria in the body and fights off infection and thus serves dual purposes. Moreover, it makes your renal health stronger by supporting kidneys and ejecting harmful waste from them. Thus it can act as a natural stone relief if you make it a part of your life along with consuming a wholesome meal.

Get That Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a great source of antioxidants that can safeguard tissues against oxidative stress. Hence if the infection turns worse then it will prevent kidney scarring and balance the enzymes. Foods rich in Vitamin C include oranges, strawberries, papaya, guava, lemon, kiwi etc. Additionally, you can also take a Vitamin C health supplement to strengthen your immunity.

Take A Warm Water Shower

A nice warm water bath with Epsom salt can give you immediate relief from the pain. Epsom salt is known as a purifying agent and will soothe your mind and body. Along with that, you can take a stone relief medicine so that you can sleep peacefully.

Heat Pad Therapy

Apply a heating pad on the area where you are experiencing sharp pain to get rid of uneasiness. Additionally, you can also apply a hot water flask to the concerned area and wait for about 20 mins to mitigate pain.

Wrapping Up

In case the pain persists despite trying these tips then it is best to get yourself checked. If you are looking for a natural remedy for stone relief then you can try Path-Har. It is safe, effective and highly recommended by experts to combat kidney problems. It can also assist in reducing inflammation in the body and act as an instant pain relief medicine. Pave the way towards excellent health and abstain from the symptoms associated with kidney ailments by including this Ayurvedic supplement in your diet.

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