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7 Amazing Facts About Menstruation You Should Know

Menstruation is a normal process in every female’s life. And it is a necessary activity that prepares the uterus for reproduction later.


Are you on your periods? And you are having the conception that you are facing the worst times of your life. Undoubtedly, periods are literally painful and irritating. You researched well for it out of curiosity to know each and everything about periods, there are still some things that you may not know about menstruation. Thus, here, we shall spotlight some amazing facts about menstruation as well as one of the best menstrual pain relief medicine.

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  1. Winters make periods worse-

During the winters, women or women living in colder regions experience more pain during menstruations. This may be because of lack of sunshine which helps to provide vitamin D and dopamine. As a result, women have adverse moods, concentration, and all-round health levels. However, you can get relief through herbal supplements introduced by herbal supplements manufacturer during such circumstances.

  1. You can get pregnant during your menstrual periods too

Sperms have the capacity to remain survived inside the female reproductive system for at least 5-6 days. This means that if you are having sex just before your periods and have a shorter period span and ovulate just after your periods, you can easily get pregnant.

  1. There is no certain age for having menstrual periods

There is no certain or specific age for starting periods. You can get your first periods during your early puberty times between 12-17 years of age depending upon the female’s estrogen secretion levels and nutritional aspects.

  1. A woman experiences almost 10 years altogether of her life on periods

You may be astonished to know that you experience at least 450 rounds of periods in your lifetime. This means that you spend at least 10 years of your life along with menstruations. Isn’t it great to know!

  1. Menstrual can be easily carried in an eco-friendly way

With the advent of menstrual cups and reusable (after washing and cleaning) period’s panties, menstruation can be easily carried in an eco-friendly manner.

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  1. Only a little bit blood is lost during menstruations

A healthy period involves a little flow of blood which ranges between one tablespoon to one cup only. However, if you are having more flow than this and a complicated longer duration of menstruation, then you must consult a doctor.

  1. Your attitude changes during menstruation

Your voice, appearances, mood, craves, and attitude change during periods and this is because of the ongoing hormonal changes of your adolescent stage.

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