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DIABETES MANAGEMENT: 10 things you need to know

Diabetes is a condition where the body remains unable to process food for use as energy or an abnormal rise in the blood sugar is caused, followed by low or insufficient insulin production through the pancreas. Taking proper medications, following the right diet chart, and losing weight prove beneficial in treating diabetes. In this context, herbal supplements manufacturers India invest their worth and time in preparing the authentic Ayurvedic products for treatment in a natural way.


Here are ten things you must consider during Diabetes Management. Let’s learn:

  1. It is a myth that overeating sweets cause diabetes in a healthy body. There are various interrelated factors such as for overweight or obesity, unhealthy eating habits, including a high intake of refined carbohydrates, saturated fats, and trans fats, etc.
  2. Diabetes is a lifelong disease that remains familiar with proper diet management and some lifestyle modifications.
  3. Anyone can get or suffer from diabetes. There is no age margin for that.
  4. Untreated diabetes can lead to severe and permanent diabetic conditions.
  5. Diabetes doesn’t only increase the blood sugar levels but also affects the different parts of the body.
  6. Diabetes can also lead to depression or unnecessary emotional turmoil.
  7. Insulin is a must for the treatment of diabetes.
  8. Diabetes is capable of preventing foot and leg complications if appropriately managed.
  9. Prediabetes is curable with proper medications and diets.
  10. A diabetic patient must not avoid sweet things altogether. A small number of sweets should also consume.

However, if you are searching for the best medicine for diabetes in India, you must try Levenza’s Diable. Diabtle is an impeccable Ayurvedic formulation containing the goodness of 10 potential herbs namely- bitter gourd, fenugreek, raj Jamun, turmeric, vijaysar, shilajit, anantmool, giloy, Daru Haldi, and neem. All these ingredients are chosen after proper and thorough research and study in the required amount. The procedures of preparation are traditional (ancient) so that it can preserve all the positive and powerful aspects. All these make Diabtle an eligible herbal medicine for diabetes and effectively controls blood sugar levels in the right manner.

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